Backed by the wisdom of Jacky Winter, Choreus is an innovative platform providing a flexible model of artist representation. Made to elevate your potential and returns. Choose your terms for a fresh take on deal-making and project management.

What Does Choreus Offer?

Flexible Representation

Flexible representation is a reconfigurable stack of needs for your next creative project. Choose from our pre-set stacks – Small, Medium or Large – where our involvement is dialled up or down. Or, build-your-own (with our help) based on your appetite for representation.

Project Management, Sorted

Thousands of emails. Hundreds of negotiations. Working with personalities of every kind. These are just some of the things we do exceptionally well. Bring us on at the beginning of the project, and we’ll do all the work behind your work.

Magnified Returns

Negotiating for artists in the commercial realm is a special kind of niche. Let us use our prowess to make the deal for you. That way, you’ll get a maximum return on your genius. Genius.

Advice On Call

Have a one-time question? Ring our hotline for career guidance, conflict resolution or general curiosity about the industry. Or check out our Pricing page for a bundle of project-based goods and services like quotes, contracts and project management.

Specialist Service

We’ve produced over 10,000+ creative projects. Many have been a first-of-their-kind. So, if you have a curly, squiggly, or novel opportunity, we’re the agents and producers for the job. Know we have the wisdom and strategic mindset to see it through.

Choreus is reinventing representation with a stackable model, built for a new type of artist working in a new type of world. Ring our hotline for a one-off query. Let us produce the project for you on your terms. Or, list your genius at no charge. It’s a slice of the traditional model but with extra flexibility and fluidity.

Is Choreus right for me?


Scaleable commissions

Payment guarantee

No exclusivity or lock-in contracts

Experienced project managers on-tap

Free folio listing & enquiry vetting

Free for clients to browse

Advice hotline, 30-minute blocks

Excellent yellow colour scheme

Join the Choreus Directory

Artists unite on the Choreus Directory. If you’d like a chance to put your (he)art on the page, please fill out the boxes below. No charge. No qualms. It's just a brilliant opportunity to be seen by many.

Ever wondered if you’re charging too much or not enough? Most artists do. Check out our Pricing Playground to see the price tag we’ve put on previous projects like yours. 

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Have a project that’s bigger than your history? Need a hand negotiating? Want us to figure out the flow from beginning to end? Every project has a litany of needs and we’re here for the ones you can’t (or don’t want to) fulfil. With Flexible Representation you get all the expertise without the exclusivity of a full-time producer.