Backed by the wisdom of Jacky Winter, Choreus is an innovative platform providing a flexible model of artist representation. Made to elevate your potential and returns. Choose your spend and your level of support because here, you stack the terms. 

What's included in Small:

A solid option for jobs worth: $2K-7K

What we do: collate the details, quote, discuss contract terms, and make sure you get paid.

What you do: client communication, fact-finding, and brief scoping, contract negotiation, managing the schedule, project management, supplier communication, third-party payments, post-production, ongoing licensing. 

We'll cut you a good deal and get you paid, but you're mostly flying solo.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Talk to us, and we’ll build a bundle of goods and services just for you.

Ever wondered if you’re charging too much or not enough? Most artists do. Play with the toggles below to see the price tag we’ve put on previous projects like yours. We’re fierce about giving artists a fair price for their talent because few things are more valuable.

Please note that all prices are in USD, and we've gathered data from global projects. So, price variation between countries and creative cultures may vary.

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Have a project that’s bigger than your history? Need a hand negotiating? Want us to figure out the flow from beginning to end? Every project has a litany of needs and we’re here for the ones you can’t (or don’t want to) fulfil. With Flexible Representation you get all the expertise without the exclusivity of a full-time producer.